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Welcome to The Independent Australian website.
    If you enjoy a bit of political incorrectness, sticking a pin into the puffery of the self proclaimed intellectual elites, as well as some serious analysis of current issues which the mainstream media is too PC or scared to print, dip into this website (still under construction).
     TIA is at the forefront of questioning conventional wisdom; for example, right from the start it has opposed the State sponsored religion of Multiculturalism. Similarly it has long advocated tightening up eligibility laws for citizenship.

    Our Green Pages do not rabbit on endlessly about old growth forests (important as they are), rather tackle the basic issues of reconciling population growth with sustainability, look realistically at alternative power supplies and transport modes. The Greens are more concerned with ideological social issues than sustainability.
    Nowhere else will you find support for giving more power to the people via Citizen Initiated Referenda, an idea abhorrent to Left and Right power brokers. And TIA is right behind those who support freedom of speech and the right to publish, including diametrically opposed views.
    Conservative does not mean we support economic policies such as handing over natural monopolies to private enterprise and signing 'free' (but not fair) trade agreements with centrally controlled economies like China. Nor did we like some of the Coalition Industrial Relations policies.

A guide on publication in The Independent Australian website.

Contributions are welcome.  I try to keep contributions down in length to 1,000, as most websites do, because people will give up on endless scrolling of an article whose length they will accept in print. The editorial policy is to only publish articles about Australia, Australians, or near neighbours when they impinge on us or involvements such as Afghanistan.

We have been forced to cease publication of The Independent Australian magazine. Instead publication will be all online, which seems to be the trend. You can get back copies, click the Contact Us button, where you will find about how to comtribute or to post, as well as background iformation.

The archives will be built up over time.

Tell your friends about this website. On the first of each month fresh material will be posted. If you provide your email address you will notified of fresh postings.

Websites Of Interest - Enter At Your Own Risk. (building this section)

Heavier Weight Stuff  - original articles

www.population.org.au    Sustainable Population Australia website, rather genteel.

http://tapri.org.au/articlesGroup of academics publishing scholarly articles on aspects of immigration ignored by the MSM\

www.nationalobserver.net    Socially and politically conservative. 

www.samuelgriffith.org.au   Heavy weight defenders of the Australian constitution

www.ozconservative.blogspot.com   Thought provoking stuff on traditional conservative vs liberal, family, feminism, traditionalist.

 www.quadrant.org.au   Magazine with broad range of content, conservative right wing, often controversial, but carefully politically correct.

http://candobetter.org  Combines original pieces with commentary on environmental concerns and opposition to high immigration. Comprehensive list of bloggers with similar views.

www.britishaustraliancommunity.com  Promotes British contribution to Australia and defends British from attacks which would be deemed racist if derected at other ethnic groups. 

Commentary - analysis of the news in the media

http://reduceimmigration.wordpress.com   Non-political website, sole objective is to campaign against high immigration. Strong advocate of writing 'Reduce Immgration' on ballot papers, without spoiling, to get a message across to major parties.

www.abc.net.au/rn/talks/counterpoint   The ABC supposedly provides a conservative counter balance to Philip Adams. In practise Amanda Vanstone is is no threat to to the ABC group think.

www.australianconservative.com    Up-to-date on news items, specialises on exposing PC media bias.

www.chinainformation.com.au   The blog for China watchers. Collects items and references.


Overseas - maybe of interest as well

www.thesocialcontract.com  Sober USA quarterly on population, immigration and environment, occassionally Australian articles.