Frank Selch presents a view from the Israeli side.


Marty Morrison’s article of Nov 9 is a well written essay of misinformation and reconstruction.  As a Christian I too became interested in Israel some 30 years ago and initially developed a strong infatuation for the Arabs – both Christian and Muslim.

 Having lived in Israel off and on during that period of my life, however, I also discovered that there was a massive lie being perpetrated on the world by the Arabs, the church and the Western Media.  Somehow, Marty must have lived in the West Bank with her eyes shut in order not to notice the hate propaganda being manufactured against the Israelis.

She says, she never saw a single stone being thrown during any of the protests!  What about the rockets and stones and shootings that happen apart from the protests.  What about the ambushes that have left scores of Israelis dead and injured.  What about the Israeli children that have been murdered or seriously injured by some of those 9000 Palestinian prisoners?  What about the Israeli teenager I met a few years ago, who lives with a 10 cm nail from a Palestinian bomb that is lodged so close to her heart that she could not be operated on and has to spend life in wheel chair?  What about all the tens of thousands of Israelis who are severely traumatised by all the terror attacks during the two intifadas?  What about the children of Sderot who had to live like rats in concrete bunkers if they wanted to play with other children?


Way back in the 1980s Jerusalem Arabs openly stated that they were afraid of their own leaders – especially Yasser Arafat.  She is obviously unaware of the terror campaign Arafat ran against his own people to make them compliant to his own ambition.  She must not be aware that the ‘Palestinians’ had their own country from 1948 – 1967 in the West Bank and Gaza, yet Arafat had to give birth the PLO to fight for ‘Palestinian’ independence.  Yet, his fight was not against Jordan and Egypt, but he ran a terror campaign against the West.  Marty is obviously unaware that ‘Palestine’ was Turkish territory until 1917 and therefore Turkish land – not 90% owned by Palestinians.  She is obviously unaware that the land was barren, a land of deserts and swamps.  She is obviously unaware of the hundreds of Palestinians tortured and executed by the PA simply for wanting to be friends with Israelis?


Most Marty’s points are either completely false or at best misleading the reader.  If recorded history is allowed to have its way, it would be clear to all that the common Palestinians have been led around by their noses by their own leaders.  They have been educated in hatred and how best to propagate outright lies.  Has Marty ever seen all the Pallywood productions, where ‘Israeli atrocities’ are being staged – including killings, ambulances, etc, etc. like the staged Muhammad al Durrha affair in 2000  ( ).  Palestinians have learned very quickly just how gullible the West is and now, in 2010, they are playing that card for all it is worth; guess what....  it is working for them!  Have you not noticed how Europe has been sucked in by bleeding heart do-gooders and their own greed for wealth and now faces a compulsory hijab or burka in another 20 years if they have that long?


The Nazis had a dictum that said, “If one tells a lie long and forceful enough eventually people will end up believing it!”  How come it hasn’t dawned on anyone that tiny Israel again and again contributes a lion’s share to global disaster relief in practical assistance, yet the Arabs with all their wealth give virtually nothing!  How is it that nobody in the Media spots the elephant in the room when Israel gets blamed for everything, yet the Muslims can slaughter Christians and other undesirables by the millions and there is not one word of protest in the UN?  Mmmmh....   The Arabs have an absolutely dismal human rights record, yet.....???   The Muslims are responsible for virtually every terror attack in the world, but... Mum’s the word!  Mmmmh.....


Journalists think that by ‘killing Israel off’ they will get browny points from the Arab world... I have news for you, all you do is earn their contempt, because they are seeing themselves as victors already – and with very good reason! Shall I go on?  You know what I am talking about!


Is Israel right in everything she does?  Not by a long shot!  However, when journalists cease to be just Journalists and allow their emotions to be swayed by (outright lies and often distorted) facts on the ground, reporting has become an arm of social and political engineering.  Pity and shame on the West and on so-called Christian compassion!


Frank Selch


 The Olivetree Connection