Issue No 15 Winter 2008

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The Budget’s secret weapon to fight inflation is at the expense of the working Australians.

2020 Summit
ACF President Ian Lowe gives a participant view not seen in the Government spin.

Rudd Should Take The Axe To The Public Service
A politically incorrect view of what should happen, but won’t.

What Is Genocide?
The need for a scientific definition.

End Local Government Corruption By Abolishing Councils
John Meade finds nothing has changed since his earlier plea.

2020 Summit Plumbs The Depths
Peter Wilkinson analyses a cynical exercise, controlled to an extent rarely seen outside communist countries.

2008 Inverell Forum
Rosemary Davies reports on yet another stimulating meeting.

Sustainable Population Australia Forum
Patricia Brook reports on the impact of pop-ulation on the Millenium Development Goals.
Letter To The Editor.
Frank Schenk on citizenship.

Australia And Ireland Share Immigration Experiences
Alan Fitzgerald draws a  comparison.

Peak Oil
Peaking data for the USA  -  anybody know about comparable figures for Australia?

Spotlight On The Hill
Entertaining snippets of  information about events not noticed in the mainstream media.
A Charter Of Rights Or A Charter Of Wrongs?
Thank heaven there are still some true democrats left in the ALP, such as the NSW Attorney-General..

Jared Diamond On Australia’s Sustainable Population
John O’Connor shows why participants to the 2020 summit should have spent some time reading Jared Diamond.

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