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The Independent Australian grew from discussions among people of independent views, especially Davydd Williams. Some must remain anonymous, because they are still in employment. The fate of the vocally politically incorrect is exclusion from employment or promotion.
The Independent Australian is published by Independent Australian Publications Pty Ltd. The editor is Peter Wilkinson. A company is the most convenient vehicle to handle the business aspects, but the venture is about dissemination of ideas, not profit-making. Any success will be ploughed back into improvement of content, presentation and circulation.

Views expressed in contributions are those of the author and not necessarily those of The Independent Australian. Likewise contributors do not necessarily subscribe to other opinions expressed. Copyright is retained by the original authors and permission to reprint should be sought from the Editor, but permission will be normally granted subject to acknowledgment

CONTACT for queries or comment. Please indicate if you would like the latter posted on the website. Articles are also welcome, no longer than 1000 words please. Unfortunately  direct postings cannot be allowed; websites such as this are targetted by crazy activists. However it is policy to only edit out libellous or abusive material. You can see an unedited post; press The Howard Legacy button and go to the end.

Note that TIA has given up the PO Box number, so little comes by post these days. You can only communicate with TIA by email



Twenty issues were printed before publication of the magazine ceased.
Up to two copies of early issues can be obtained for $5 post free. For more, postage has to be estimated.