Negatives are the fashion. TIA offers: Shorten - the Scream: Turnbull - running on MT.

Shorten is like the demented man in Munch’s famous painting, hysterical advertising swirling around. After all the initial  ballyhoo Turnbull has not lived up to expectations. The campaign has seemed long winded and boring because all that happens seems to be that the leaders tour around the country sprinkling largesse on communities, contingent on them being elected, but sometimes immediately matched. However leaving out all the detail that may, or may not, happen after the election one can summarize their general approaches.


Financial prudence - the Coalition would be best


The environment - the ALP would best serve the environment (not much prominence, subject carefully avoided by the Coalition).


Health  - there is an element of truth in the ALP’s accusations that Coalition wishes to increase the contributions made by the community to prevent spiralling demands on the Budget.


Industrial relations - the reason for the early election is almost forgotten. It is to enable the Coalition to put governance rules in place for unions and to curb the rogue activities of the CFMEU.


Trade - good riddance to Andrew Robb who was so obsessive about getting trade deals signed that the deal with China allows Chinese companies operating in Australia virtually unchecked ability to import Chinese labour. The Coalition is likely to maintain this disgrace.


Border security - many ALP candidates are in open or barely concealed opposition to their present policy. Once in power these forces will want to tinker at the edges.


 Free speech -  the ALP is not naturally the party of free speech. The Coalition lack of action on repealing part of 18C is is gutless.


Immigration -  (see previous article) the Coalition’has set 220,000 as next year’s intake; the ALP has agreed by default. Shorten has refused  to debate it at the Press Club. So we will have taken in nearly two-thirds of a million immigrants by the time of the next election unless the low immigration parties score highly, which would make the majors stop and think. Many of the effects of party policy can be undone, but not the admittance of a multitude of people. At one time only One Nation espoused lower immigration, now you can also vote for  Sustainable Australia, which has hardened its position on immigration.


And irrespective of who you support, write Reduce Immigration on both ballot papers. It will not invalidate your vote.


The Scream, 1893 by Edvard Munch