A call for an opinion poll on stopping Muslim immigration

At the Federal election there was a 5% vote to stop Muslim immigration. There would be many major party voters who would be supportive of a move to limit Muslim immigration. An opinion poll would be useful in gauging popular feelings.

The Australian Liberty Alliance (ALA) is a political party whose explicit raison d’eire is to stop Muslim immigration to Australia. When founded it received some publicity, but during the election campaign it was ignored by the MSM. Despite that it received over 100,000 primary Senate votes with no resources apart  from members. Undoubtably ALA would have done better except for the resurgence of One Nation, whose policies included an end to Muslim immigration to Australia, receiving nearly 600,00 Senate votes. The combined direct anti Muslim immigration vote was therefore 5%.


Post election there was uproar when on a panel discussion on Nine’s TV Today, Sonia Kruger said there is a correlation between the number of Muslims in a country and the number of terrorist attacks and followed by calling for Australia’s borders to be closed to further Muslim immigration. She expressed fear for safety, undoubtably influenced by the almost continuous stream of news of attacks in Europe. Naturally the politically correct were in uproar, denigrating her as racist*, but she has found defenders of her right to express a view.


To Waleed Aly, Australia’s celebrity apologist for Islam, ‘terrorism is a perpetual irritant’. To French Prime Minister Valls ‘the French must learn to live with terrorism’ (can you be sure you will live after the Paris and Nice random slaughters!) . While the Paris and Nice attacks were  mindless barbarism, the stabbing of a mother and her daughters in France for being indecently dressed and the cutting of the throat of a priest as he celebrated Mass are very specific expressions of Islam in action. 


But what is the answer to Muslim terrorism? The bien pensants have no answer. Governments react by spending more and more on anti terrorist activities and hence curtailing the freedoms of law abiding citizens.. The case for restricting Muslim immigration is a persuasive one. 


At very least Christian, Yazidis and other Middle East minority groups should be given piority in the special Syrian quota, as was initial intent However, the first, well publicised arrival under the scheme was a Sunni Muslim. And so there is a question in the Senate for One Nation - what is the proportion of persecuted minority groups in the Syrian quota?


Most of the publicity about Muslim terrorism is about attacks in Europe. These are minor compared with other parts of the world. The website Religion of Peace https://www.thereligionofpeace.com/ keeps a running detailed account.  On average each month there are around 200 incidents causing around 2.000 deaths in over 30 countries.



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