Final Publication of The Independent Australian

Illness and old age has caught up with me. Hence I have reluctantly decided to give up publication of The Independent Australian.


It started as a a printed publication in Summer 2004, issued quarterly. After 20 issues, ending Winter 2010, in keeping with the decline in printed publications, the latter ceased, and The Independent Australian went on line in accordance with the move to web in October 2010.


During this period  The Howard Legacy; displacement of traditional Australia from the professional and managerial classes was published in 2007 to total silence from the press. The vast expansion of immigration is now showing the forecasts to be true. This publication is still available.


The key contributor to TIA was the imitable Alan Fitzgerald. Unfortunately he died in 2011. Alan was unique in Australia’s journalism. He was in the great tradition of satirists; more devastating than any thundering from the pulpit. He punished the pompous, especially the politically correct, who always try to assume the moral high ground.


I wish to thank a number of contributors of varying out looks. Nigel Jackson has been the most prominent, especially  with an appropriate Christmas offering. Alan James, Geoff Mosley, Tony Jones, Jenny Goldie, John Goldsworthy, Denis Mc Cormick were also sighted on more than one occasion. TIA ceases publication with many unresolved issues - high immigration, free speech and the repeal of 18c, the destruction of Australia’s manufacturing industry, the need to stop overspending by Governments, protection of Australia’s habitats and similar.


And so farewell to all the readers and contributors, I wish you all well.


I would be happy to discuss passing over the web site with some like minded person. There is a list of over 100 viewers to whom I send reminders. It also has many hundreds of unspecified readers.It still has six months to run of a contract with Epoch Labs Development. An alternative worth considering is publishing under Wordpress, as used by the Reduce Immigration website.