When You Cast Your Vote Let Your Opinion Be Known (Issue 20. 2010)


 Veteran immigration commentator Denis McCormack has a suggestion on how you can do so, painlessly, come tha Federal election.

How easy is this for millions of us to do on election day?  

1. With both ballot papers in hand, walk into the privacy of voting booth.

2. Number the squares as you wish for your valid vote.

3. In the clear blank space of about 1 cm deep across the top of both ballot papers write

                                          REDUCE IMMIGRATION 

which can’t obscure your numbered squares and therefore won’t invalidate your vote.

4. Fold them both, walk out of voting booth, drop them into the respective Reps and  Senate ballot boxes on the way out ... so easy!




According to my enquires with the good, helpful folk at the Australian Electoral Commission, it would most certainly be noted by all and sundry at the counting everywhere, and therefore spread naturally into the reportage of mass media on election night if a big % of valid ballot papers for both Reps and Senate had REDUCE IMMIGRATION written across the top of them and no matter who had won G

overnment, all would be on notice.

     The most important task is to spread this election day strategy idea, emphasising it’s ease and legality, in order to stimulate the millions of fellow Australians who agree with us on the need for reduced immigration. We need to take the above first step forward, together, on the coming election day, separately, individually, mutually unknown, unassociated, and free of each other, but bound together on this important directive on immigration to our Government elect, as Australian citizens.

   OK, so it wouldn’t be binding in the legal/electoral sense on what ever Government we elect, but we the people would have both sides of politics stretched over a moral barrel on immigration, and we’ve never quite had them in that position previously. Other than the above, is there any other nationwide, quick, simple, convenient, efficient, cheap, civil, non-partisan/party political, carbon neutral, AEC/scrutineer quantifiable mechanism for the whole Australian electorate to indicate their corporate will to REDUCE IMMIGRATION? We’re taking only a first but unmistakable step in the right direction here, not force feeding an overnight cure.

    For decades the Australian electorate has been frustrated on this issue by major party bipartisanship. Since 1990 the efforts of minor parties specifically devoted to harness that voter frustration have changed nothing. We have record high immigration - most of it non-European, with all the short, medium, and long term downside environmental and socio-cultural burdens of growth stress and increasing complexity they entail. All this becoming more evident every day in every way - yet there is serious talk of further increasing immigration.

   There has been much hypocritical cant about plebiscites and referenda recently from PM Howard, Rudd, Beattie at al on what are second and third order issues in comparison to the direction of immigration numbers but they have never, and will never allow us a say on immigration’s direction unless we can organise it ourselves.

    Inclusion of a multiple choice Census Form question perhaps? Fat chance - that’s been suggested in the past - it won’t happen. Citizens Initiated Referenda legislation? - ditto.

    If enough Australians who already share our worries about the cascading consequences of current immigration policy hear of this ‘07 Election Direction day strategy, and they pass it on to enough family, friends, colleagues et al, it will work.

    Q: How do we make millions of likeminded, individual Australians aware of this safe, legal, powerful opportunity without establishing organisations and hence without infiltration of them by the usual suspects and/or other forces of darkness, without electing office bearers, without meetings, without leaders, without the usual guilt-by-association smears, without committees, parties or membership fees, and without much help (if any) from the mainstream media?

    A: It will be easy. Now that you know about it, talk about it, kick it around, outline it in your local paper’s letters column. Select an issue of concern - water shortage, overcrowded transport, suburban over-development and tie your suggestion to that. Our early multiplier will be word of mouth X family and friends X phone, fax, internet X the 6 degrees of separation. A couple of journalists have said to me that this idea could run itself into the election coverage and be assessed on it’s own merits if it spreads out wide enough and soon enough. 

     In summary, for the coming election we have a simple, moral, legal, cost free, non-partisan/political, anonymous, secure, quantifiable opportunity that all voting Australians can utilize to collectively indicate the downward direction they wish immigration numbers to go, regardless of who wins the election. 

In 1981 33% wrote ‘No Dams’ on the referendum in Tasmania about the Franklin Dam. Subsequently the campaign was repeated in by-elections in NSW and Victoria. Over 40% wrote in ‘No Dams’. As a result no dams became Hawke’s policy and he implemented it after his election. This precedent shows that ‘write-on’ campaigns can work (see Wiki).

For the long run, a big % of REDUCE IMMIGRATION marked ballots may be more indicative of our ‘aspirational nationalism’ than our choice of who governs us for the next three years.