Marty Morrison In Palestine.

A from the heart report of a visit to the West Bank from one whose life has been focussed on good works in the Christian tradition. Her experiences are similar to those of Mary Baker (Issues 10 and 12).

Lazarus Rising - reviewed by Alan Fitzgerald.

Alan Fitzgerald has been a member of the Press Gallery for most of John Howard’s political career, so he is well qualified to review Howard’s memoirs. He picks up themes not covered elsewhere, avoiding the tiresome Howard - Costello story.  

Accepting The Truth In Afghanistan

Jason Thomas, an Australian, gave a talk on the above, which I attended, writes Peter Wilkinson. It was a view on Afghanistan from an on the ground experience.


Jason was the regional manager for the Central Asia Development group, implementing a USAID program in South East Afghanistan. Recently he returned from overseeing counterinsurgency operations with US forces in South East Afghanistan. His work was trying to to win the hearts and minds of the people.  

Time To Quit Afghanistan

  You don't have to agree with his conclusion, but at very least, Alan Fitzgerald makes a cogent and persuasive case that it is time to quit Afghanistan.

Comment welcome:

Circuses Before Bread

Playing and watching sport is prominent among Australian preoccupations, including mine. In Winter 2010 issue of The Independent Australian, the subsidizing of professional sport (circuses) before public services (bread ) was taken up (see Features). Meanwhile, the games most of the children play today are on computers.

Stable Population Party Gains Registration


From SPP circular:

On 23 September 2010 the Stable Population Party of Australia was officially registered by the Australian Electoral Commission.

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