Abbott’s main achievements were stopping the boats and initiating a plebiscite.


The history books will characterise Abbott as the most blunder prone PM of Australia. The most noteworthy achievement which changed the course of events was stopping the boats. And hopefully plebiscites will become a way of letting Australians have their say on contentious issues.

Canning by election - a chance to express concerns about population and immigration


The Sustainable Population Party has endorsed a candidate, Angela Smith, for the Canning by election on 19th September. It is a wide spread electorate and so she needs help, physical and financial, from people outside the electorate and outside the SPP. It is also an opportunity for voters in Canning to express an opinion on high immigration by writing ‘Reduce Immigration’ on the the ballot paper


Australia is fortunate to have the flag it does


Nigel Jackson presents arguments that we should firmly resist calls to change our greatest national symbol


A cry from the heart from those trampled on by the underground gas mining developments

It is easy to dismiss the concerns in communities, such as Hopeland, in the Western Downs, which has the richest soil in Australia, becoming a centre of unconventional gas developments. Hence TIA is publishing an article by Shay Dougall, spokesperson for Hopeland Community Sustainability Group.

Can Australia achieve the ALP aim of 50% reduction in emissions from stationary sources?


50% can only be done by adopting new technologies. Apart from financial incentives, strong persuasion from the top is important. Alas, that is not the current Government, but social and community pressures are building.

The May ALP Conference cleared some electorally harmful clutter and made vague promises.


The conference was the initial policy launch for the next election. Hence the voting on critical issues had to be sewn up before debate on the floor to make certain conference got it right, so that policies were not vulnerable to Coalition attack in the campaign.

MD of the ABC, Mark Scott, and Zacky Mallah both love free speech.

  Zacky Mallah posted on Twitter in January 2015 Australia has two decent whores Rita Pahini and Miranda Divine (sic) Both need to be gangbanged on the Sunrise desk. #freedomofspeech love it.’This person was selected to put his question on Q&A on the 22nd June.

The Australian Conservation Foundation votes for concentration of power in the hands of the Board

The background is covered in the previous post Proposals for stifling of democracy in the Australian Conservation Foundation. I attended the Special General Meeting of the ACF on the 26 June where the proposals were narrowly carried. 

Proposals for stifling of democracy in the Australian Conservation Foundation

Proposed changes to the ACF Constitution are designed to concentrate power in the Board and reduce the input of members. The elected ACF Council will be only an advisory body.


Australians are not willing to fix budget deficits.

Popularity in the polls soared after the Coalition brought down a Budget which scarcely paid lip service to fixing the deficit long term. Most of the new cost cutting measures were housekeeping.The deficit will be smaller in 2015/16 than the current year, not much smaller if controversial measures are rejected by the Senate. 

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