A well attended debate on Population Growth at the Wheeler Centre,in Melbourne


The Wheeler Centre, which organizes debates in Melbourne on crucial issues, held a well attended one on Population Growth on May 13. There were four speakers presenting a variety of views, ably chaired by Madeleine Morris, a reporter for ABC 7:30.

Opportunities to express an opinion on high immigration.

 There are two new opportunities for Australians to have a say on issues relating to our current high levels of net overseas immigration.

The Fenner Conference on the Environment, sponsored by the Australian Academy of Science, is reviewed by William Lines

On my bookshelves sit a dozen or more books on population in Australia. And now comes Sustainable Futures: Linking Population, Resources and the Environment*, edited by Jenny Goldie and Katherine Betts, in which experts bring you up-to-date on every facet of  the pressures created by Australia’s population expansion.

A novel way to promote Australian made goods. Rosella relaunched as truly Australian made.

Wayne Wildes writes on searching for Australian Made - the need for an Australin Made aisle

Each week I travel to my local supermarket to purchase my food and groceries. I search through the almost limitless aisles picking out each of my items as I go, attempting to find Australian owned / made products in preference to the imports. I pay a little extra for my shopping at the check out, but I prefer Australian made/owned wherever possible for several reasons.

A bit more, and that’s enough, on the history of Malcolm Fraser

 The Fraser article attracted a lot of comments, some pointing out connections which appear odd at first sight

Recollections of Malcolm Fraser, not lamented here.

The provocative and brutal columnist Paddy McGuinness (died 2008) summed up Fraser thus:

Lost respect in 1975 with the Dismissal

Lost his trousers and his dignity in 1986

Lost the family farm in 1997

Lost his mind.

Geoff Mosley gives us a snapshot of the Sixth World Parks Congress.

The successful Sixth World Parks Congress demonstrated increasing interest in national parks.The Congress gave a record number of attendees the opportunity to exchange information on furthering national parks and wilderness protection. 

Alan James points out that the debate on chaplaincy in schools goes back a long way

It’s a pity that Nigel Jackson (“Chaplaincy in Schools”, 13/01/2015) did not refer to the various attempts that have been made in the past to reform the teaching of religion in schools. In Mr Jackson’s native Victoria, two of these stand out: the Reed Report of 1968 and the Russell Report of 1974.


The ACF tacit support of Big Australia.

The ACF has not taken advantage of an offer of space in TIA to respond to the TIA article The Australian Conservation Foundation Council votes to implicitly support Big Australia’ , nor commented elsewhere. Professor Lowe responds to point out that the references to him may be misinterpreted. Habitat extends a welcome to members to make contributions, but will it get published? A look back at the attitude of the ACF to population issues twenty years ago. What has changed?


Woe is me, shame and spending in the governments around Australia*.

A standard pattern in Australian politics is where a free spending ALP government is eventually tossed out and replaced by the Coalition. The latter make some attempt to bring the deficit under control, are denounced as heartless and replaced by the ALP. Will this happen at the next Federal election?

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