The Australian Conservation Foundation Council votes to implicitly support 'Big Australia’

The ACF is noted for challenging government policies, so by refusing to criticise the bipartisan Big Australia policy, the ACF implicitly supports it. The ACF thereby is comfortable with 200,000 net immigrants per annum pouring into Australia, putting pressure on the environment, causing cities to spread over farmland, crushing biodiversity, creating traffic congestion, depleting our water supplies.

Chaplaincy in schools

Nigel Jackson contends that a new religious narrative is needed. Neither inappropriate evangelising nor hard core secularism should be encouraged in government schools.

With best wishes for Christmas and a better New Year


2014 was not a good year. Freeing up restrictions on speech abandoned, negativism on the the environment, immigrant flood continuing, preaching of multiculturalism ceaseless. At least the boats have stopped.

For relief here is a Christmas poem.


Abbott’s Conservation assessment - 2014 a fail, could pass next year if works harder.

The main black marks against Abbott are his devotion to spending money on roads, none on rail, and lack of rhetoric on the need for energy conservation. Leadership is persuasive in changing public behaviour. Although not supporting “Big Australia’ like the ALP, the Coalition has maintained immigration at high levels. 


The Insidious Greens

Tony Jones is exasperated by the Greens not having the courage of their own convictions and selling the public short by remaining ever silent on population numbers


Victorian Political Matters


The Great Debate on Melbourne’s future population. The Victorian election - reckless spending on a tunnel or band-aid level crossings to tackle traffic congestion. An anti-overdevelopment independent candidate. Don’t forget to write ’Reduce Immigration’ on your ballot papers

Gough Whitlam - a Shakespearean tragedy

 Shakespeare’s main characters in his tragedies were men of achievement and stature who came undone through their own failings. Gough Whitlam’s career was exactly that. Peter Wilkinson* recalls being an ALP member in Victoria in the time of Whitlam

Abbott should show courage and stand up to powerful groups.


Abbott projects a tough image, but it is just image. He will not stand up to powerful groups. On face covering and on 18c he has been shown to be weak, he has given into the banks to allow them to rip off the unwary, he has had the ATO reduce the staff responsible for enforcing companies to pay proper tax.

Time to tell the Australian Muslims to clean up their act if they want to be accepted and not vilified

Australian tolerant attitudes to the intolerant aspects of Islam go too far. Muslims play the victimhood game and the usual suspects line up to sympathise with them. The Muslim leaders and all their community must unequivocally condemn violence, despite it being advocated in the Koran.


Items of interest for Victorian residents




     Will Melbourne still be the most liveable city by 2050?


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