Urgent need to submit your views on 18C amendments by April 30th

The postponement of the amendments to 18C has given squealing minorities and shrill literati opposing free speech a chance to marshal opposition. You can help redress the balance by an email submission to s18cconsultation@ag.gov.au  


Anti-immigration parties make slow progress in recent elections.

 At least in recent results the vote increased, albeit from a very low base. The MSM continues to ignore the anti-immigration parties.

Climate change is adversely affecting Australia’s agriculture so it is time to stop talking about becoming the food bowl of Asia.

The 1980s predictions of changes in Australian weather due to man made global warming have become true. http://www.bom.gov.au/state-of-the-climate/  We must act on the predictions of more adverse changes to come, adapt and play our part in reducing carbon dioxide output. Australian agriculture is adapting, but  there are limits on how much further.

There is a danger that the Coalition resolve to repeal Section 18C will weaken further

Senator Brandis has produced an exposure draft of amendments to 18C for discussion, a draft which is a weakening of the election promise to repeal it. Professor James Allan, one of the few legal academics to advocate repeal in the interests of free speech, says not perfect, but close to it. http://quadrant.org.au/opinion/qed/2014/03/fixing-18c-perfect-close/.

A few noteworthy items

The Sustainable Population Party has a WA Senate ticket, Chinese house buying causing concern, Fitzgibbon and the Chinese connection.Manufacturing closures not ended, BP closes refinery. TIA discontinues PO box. 

The round of announcements of major manufacturing closures appears to have concluded.

The closure of the Alcoa aluminium smelting plant at Point Henry will reduce Victoria’s power consumption by 6%, a noticeable contribution to meeting Australia’s 2020 emissions reduction target. Further closures will be in the suppliers to the announced closures.

Cory Bernardi’s Clarion Call to Cautious Conservatism

Melbourne writer Nigel Jackson commends The Conservative Revolution by South Australian Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi.


State elections provide an opportunity to express your opinion on high immigration.

You can make your views known through State elections in Tasmania or South Australia ( both March 15) by writing ‘Reduce Immigration‘ on your ballot paper. In particular in South Australia you can vote for Bob Couch and Alex Hodges of the Stop Population Growth Party (SPNG) in the Legislative Council.

The collapse of manufacturing means that the 2020 carbon emissions target will be easier to achieve

 High immigration, past and present, implies a significant per capita reduction of about one third to meet the 2020 target of a 5% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions from the 2000 level. The list here of already announced closures and operations at risk in the manufacturing industry shows that achievement of the target will be made easier by the collapse of manufacturing.

Liberalism Spells the Demise of Morality

Liberalism is devoid of a moral foundation. It is incompatible with the categorical imperative*. The ideology underlying liberalism is that one should seek one’s own ends in whatever way one sees fit. This has led to the demise of morality in the postmodern society and the silencing of anyone who speaks against liberalism, producing a society that is divided by conflicting self-interests of different social groups,

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