Andrew Bolt’s views on ABC threat to Fairfax coincide with TIA’s

 It is nice to see that the well circulated views of Bolt coincide with those of the TIA. In the Herald Sun on Thursday 5th Bolt published an article, well worth reading, headed ‘Yes it is time to revolt’ against the ABC.

Vale Fairfax; the ABC is displacing you from your readership.

The ABC is using taxpayers’ money to destroy Fairfax, the main commercial media purveying the left-liberal viewpoint. Fairfax is foreshadowing closing print in the long run, but has to charge for online, unlike the ABC.


Victoria First has held an inaugural meeting resolving to apply for incorporation as an association.

 Following on from last month’s post Victoria First got under way with a meeting on December 1st, adopting a constitution and an inaugural committee, with Kelvin Thomson as chairman naturally. There were over 100 attendees and a lengthy list of apologies. There was no free plug just prior in any MSM*.

The Governor - General breaks convention to endorse ALP policies, condoned by Abbott

The G-G has broken a long standing convention by launching into the political arena, expressing support for the ALP policies on a republic and on homosexual marriage. Amazingly, Abbott has condoned breaking the convention, setting an unfortunate precedent.


Victoria First - a new anti high immigration organization.

A new not-for-profit NGO is being established to safeguard and enhance Victoria’s way of life. Victoria First will fight to halt rapid population growth, overdevelopment, reduce traffic congestion, stop the increasing cost of council rates, rising utility bills, and seek to protect Victoria’s unique animals and plants.

Election results - shock! horror!

 No, not the coalition victory; tally night was like watching a re-run of a football match of which you already know the result. It was the  Palmer United Party (PUP) massive first preferences scores, which make one lose faith in the Australian voter.

How to prick the housing price bubble.

The Sydney and Melbourne housing markets are showing signs of an asset bubble developing. This is partly a result of low interest rates and high loans to valuations encouraging speculation. The remedy is to limit taxation deductions in negative gearing as is done in the thin capitalization rules applying to corporations.

How did the parties with low immigration policies fare in the election?

They did very poorly despite the strong feeling in the community that immigration is too high. Most candidates for the House of Representatives scored less than 1% and only One Nation in NSW obtained more than 1% in the Senate.

Have they lowered the voting age?

So often do we see on TV our political leaders speaking to schoolchildren that I was beginning to think they had lowered the voting age, except that even in these days of rights for everybody, giving the vote to primary school kids seemed to be overdoing it.

How Should a Conservationist Vote?

 Most people would assume the answer is vote for the Greens first. The correct answer is to put them last and zero net immigration minor parties first. The degradation of our environment is a function of the number of feet trampling on it and how hard they tread.Obviously the first priority is to limit the growth in population, and immigration is supplying most of that growth.

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