How to reduce our budget deficits - impose a fee on immigrant permanent visas.

The 21st Century Australia Party (21CAP) has a solution to Australia’s perennial budget deficits. Australia can raise $15 bn. per annum by the simple imposition of a fee for a permanent visa. It is a logical extension of current policies, whereby people buy entry by paying higher education fees and wealthy business people can qualify under investment schemes.

Do we really need Gonski?

 The Gonski Report might gull the innocent reader into thinking that the main problems facing Australian education are  lack of resources and under-staffing. The real problems are turbulent class rooms and trendy educational ideas and practices.

New Britannia: The Rise and Decline of Anglo-Australia, by Alan James.

Alan James has written a wonderful example of the ethno-history genre dealing with the past, present, and future of the Anglo-Australians. Mr James notes that a “national culture that was once extremely proud of its mainly English origins has degenerated to the point that ordinary Australians dare not or cannot speak up for their Anglo-Saxon heritage”.

How to voice your opposition to high immigration on voting day.

  Are you worried about the increasing flow of migrants into Australia and our high population growth rate? Both major parties' commitment to high immigration flies in the face of our environmental sustainability, our social cohesion and our cultural integrity. The only way you can let your opinion be known is to write Reduce Immigration on your ballot papers, as was done in the highly successful No Dams ‘write on’ in the 1980s.

Favouring Australian made products is racist.

I confess that I committed a racist act. I went to the supermarket and chose the brand of tinned soup produced in Australia, giving Australians jobs. Just the same as giving Australian workers preference over 457 visa holders, which is racism, according to MP Don Randall of the Coalition.


Why you should vote ‘NO’ on the Local Government Referendum.

 John Goldsworthy is concerned that the Coalition is apparently considering supporting the Local Government Referendum, which could lead to adoption of insidious changes to the constitution.


Budgets and election promises


The election campaign will be occupied with tossing around meaningless budget forecasts and promises. Ignore the numbers, they will be based on Treasury forecasts, i.e. guesses, on past Treasury performances. The May free spending ALP budget is irrelevant.The Coalition will take unheralded necessary hard decisions on spending following on their commission of audit.

The press, regulation and intellectual freedom

 Nigel Jackson welcomes the defeat of the ALP attempt to have government appointed control of the media, but points out that freedom of expression is sometimes limited by the unwillingness of the mainstream media to allow certain controversial issues to be debated, as shown by his experience.


The Lucky Culture and the Rise of an Australian Ruling Class


The Lucky Culture and the Rise of an Australian Ruling Class by Nick Cater, Harper Collins, 2013, pp 361.

Alan James finds the book is a rather superficial treatment of an important subject.

Help Citizens Initiated Referendum to get a good airing at Senate inquiry.

CIR advises that the Senate is conducting an inquiry into the Citizens Initiated Referendum Bill. Submissions by April 19th, so if you have some spare time over Easter, please submit, even just expressing support. And get the message about the inquiry around, verbally, emails or posting on blogs.


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