Old age and independence. It seems the more we age and become aged then we lose our independence. Getting older means being responsible and independent. We start to do things by ourselves. Be responsible for our actions. Basically being the boss of our life. When we started out, as children, we had people to perform tasks for us. Little things like being fed, getting cleaned up, driving, deciding, everything. Somehow it takes a long time for us to accept that maybe, one day we will go back to having things decided upon and done for us.

Getting old, well, that is another matter entirely. It is where progression ends and regression begins. Sadly. We realise this and somehow when it’s here, it is still bittersweet. Everybody is getting older every single day. And it is now that we see some things clearly that we did think of as important but never thought it is THAT important. Things like health care, medical emergencies, insurance, savings and of course, the ever mighty pension.  

Those things that you will need to live off in your twilight years. So many things to say goodbye to. Your strength, your independence, the house you bought thinking you will never leave it. But you have to as you move into an old age care facility with artificial grass or soft fall rubber floors because most people your age trip and fall. You are like in the final stretch, life shifts into 4th gear. You frequent hospitals more for x-rays, medical imaging or for occupational therapy or what have you.

It is not all that bad, though. You retire, you do your own thing. You have more time than you care to acknowledge. Unfortunately, the time you have is inversely proportional to the strength you have to pursue all those ideas you’d love to do. There is still time to make small projects, help out in the community, that sort of thing. Even if you are in an aged care facility, things can still be  satisfactory. You get to be with people with similar difficulties and people that understand your predicament, maybe even be a little sympathetic to it.  

For some people, it may not be the most important thing to worry about.  To give up their independence, sometimes – not important. But as we reach our sunset years and to prevent even more frustration, we must accept that we might need help. We must face a new chapter, perhaps the final one, of our life.