What are your top mother’s day treats? Because here it is again, same time every year. Every mother’s day we all try and look for the perfect gift for mum. The absolute, most perfect gift. Often would scour the internet for hours, ask friends and friends mothers, mother friends for suggestions, even subtly hang around mum for some time hoping to hear her heart’s desire – for this year, at least.

I reckon everybody does that. And if their mum is anything like mine, they would always say ‘you shouldn’t have.” and mean it, too. Have always wondered what they did want. These five would turn out to be the simplest of all, their little joys.These are the top mother’s day treats you could give at any age.

  • Jewelry – usually, the more expensive, the better. But it pays to be observant. There might be a little trinket she likes more of. One mum can be an angel collector, another a triquetra wiccan symbol, still a third might love hearts or butterflies. Some prefer gold, others stainless or even plastic costume jewelry. Like their children, our mums have their own styles.


  • Food! Any sweets – chocolates, cakes, candies delivered are always welcome. Buffets, sit down dinners, dinner you created yourself, drinks and dinner, dinner you brought to her house, as long as you get to feed her, she will love that. Even if it is just cupcake topped with whipped cream, as long as it is from the heart, made with love.


  • Plants – Gone are the days where flowers is the star of mother’s day. So roses, daisies, tulips or whatever is your favourite (or your mum’s), make sure there is an ‘I love you’ at the card. Some plant lovers would rather have the roots attached, thank you very much. And for the overly busy mum who are bad at remembering to water plants, there are cacti and hardy succulents they can try to grow.


  • Date night – or date day! Bet you anything most salons are full on the actual day so better book early. Same thing with spas, massage parlors or anything to do with pampering. You could offer to do the pampering starting with breakfast in bed, offer to wash her car, even give her a mani-pedi if you know how.


  • Chores – Make a coupon book, a tear off type with a list of chores. These mother’s day coupons can be claimed whenever she likes! Throw in cheesy coupons for hugs, smiles or margarita night!.Really!


Moms are superheroes, they are. And even if they get tired and all, they would do it all over again, even if they know how hard it is going to be. Just, sometimes, they need some time away to get charged up. They need to reconnect with friends and do more adult things so they don’t lose their identity not to mention their minds. Ever counted a toddlers ‘why’ and ‘mum’? That’s why.