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Abbott should show courage and stand up to powerful groups.


Abbott projects a tough image, but it is just image. He will not stand up to powerful groups. On face covering and on 18c he has been shown to be weak, he has given into the banks to allow them to rip off the unwary, he has had the ATO reduce the staff responsible for enforcing companies to pay proper tax.

Time to tell the Australian Muslims to clean up their act if they want to be accepted and not vilified

Australian tolerant attitudes to the intolerant aspects of Islam go too far. Muslims play the victimhood game and the usual suspects line up to sympathise with them. The Muslim leaders and all their community must unequivocally condemn violence, despite it being advocated in the Koran.


Items of interest for Victorian residents




     Will Melbourne still be the most liveable city by 2050?


Ethnic communities now dictate Australia’s policies.

Multiculturalism encourages ghettos, where the ethnic communities grow in size until they can influence the electoral result in House of Representatives seats We see that now with the Coalition abandoning promises and adopting policies to suit the ethnic groups.

The ABC manufactures consent to Multiculturalism by omitting news unfavourable to it

.The ABC is a devoted disciple of the politically correct religion  of Multiculturalism. By extension it supports immigration. Multiculturalism is always favourably portrayed. Anything unfavourable is omitted as in these glaring examples.


Miscellany: Church Signs, BAC Facebook group, Bill Shorten, Inverell Forum


The Church Signs technical glitch has been ironed out, pictures OK now, British Australian Community launches a new Facebook group, Shorten has history, Inverell Forum revived.

A clear eyed look at homosexuality in the news; Thorpe, a survey on same sex parenting, HIV/AIDs

Ian Thorpe’s coming out was not as lucrative as his staying in; a dishonest attempt to show children of homosexual parents are better than average; why should taxpayers fund expensive ($250,000?) life time costs for men out on the tiles. Most homosexuals wish to live unremarkedly in society, but their position is not helped by the antics of some.


Church Signs

These days not only advertisers are in search of a catchy phrase; so are newspaper headlines. Now the churches are doing it, with humour, if this collection of signs doing the rounds of the internet are genuine. Some good messages in here. 

Victoria First Frankston meeting





If you are concerned about population growth, planning issues, over-development, and the loss of residents rights in Frankston, please come along.

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